Why a tutorial about SEO ?

The search engine are more and more important in our everyday life. With the explosion of internet itís harder to find an efficient website which answer our questions. The search engine makes our research easier by using very efficient algorithmes and easy to use software.

For webmasters and website builder, the online traffic coming from search engines are indispensable today. Thatís why, we must be very well ranked by that onilne tools.

This tutorial is dedicated to a better understanding of SEO via

Thanks to this tutorial you will also learn how to optimize the SEO of the website by doing this actions :

This tutorial will also give you some good tips and the best specialised websites to realise your own business monitoring about SEO in French and English.

Who can do this SEO training ?

The SEO lesson is dedicated to beginners in SEO practice on search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

But the is differents levels of understanding . This tutorial is full of data which can definitely been interesting for professional webmasters (web marketing, advisor, professional of SEO, Ö). There is also a lot of links toward interesting and efficient informative websites.

Even if you are a confirmed SEO profesional, itís always relevant to compare you own vision of the SEO with another one. My objectif is not to teach you how to do your job but Iím deeply convinced we are working in a sector where we have to learn everyday to been up to date. Luckily ! It should be so boring if SEO wasnít an evolutive strategy.


I hope youíll enjoy your reading ! Keep in mind that SEO is not a science, an art performance or a precise subject. Remember while you reading this tutorial, itís my own opinion on this sector which cannot be the universal truth.

NB : All articles included in this tutorial are situated in the left sidebar. If you donít know the meaning of an expression, you can find it in the Glossaire.

Enjoy your SEO !